Saturday, April 23, 2005


Badz and I are goin to be transferred to Passport come Monday ( April 25). Thought about that for 30 mins? After Jinggoy told us about it, I was having a hard time thinkin things over... So I went to a good friend of mine to ask what are the advantages, disadvantages, and assurance on that assignment. Weighting things down, think its gonna be more of an advantage to me. Plus I cannot think of someone else from the Helpdesk Team to help Jinggoy out with that one. I can see how hard this is for him.

Contract signing will be on Monday! .. things will be diff for me and Badz hehehe! Wala nang Knoughty and Badz ... pahinga kayo for 3 months hehehe!

Here are some pics from yesterday

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Badz nagdadrama..buh bye daw!

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These two enjoying to tkae my pics using Maya's fone

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My Best Buds


kat said...

Sad... gonna miss seeing you guys on the floor.

Wait... does this mean *gasp* more escalations for us? Whehehehe.

Mary said...

yeah... think of it. 12 escs that badz and i take each day will be divided amongst urselves. =( menos de QnAs

day said...

bket mami-miss? nde na ba kau d2 uupo? hiwalay kayo samen? ibig sbihin ba nde ko na maririnig tawa ni badz? waahhhhh!!! :'(

maya said...

yeah.. dami changes.. escalations... seatmates (*waah* knought!!!!).. pano na pag meeting naten? waaahh
sa outing kasama pa naman kayo d ba? pano mga pix tulad nyan?
mamimiss namin kyo!

badz said...

pag picture-an na darating kme anytime.
nde pede mawala kme sa picture noh :)
miss you guys.

baboinsking said...

hey guys! been out of the office for 5 days now. didn't realized there'll be a lot of changes when i get back.

seems like going to work ain't fun anymore..

haaay!! i think it's time to go...